“Metta”, a word originating in ancient India, means “loving kindness”. It also means, benevolence, fellowship, amity, accord, sympathy and love. It’s a lifestyle concept and a cornerstone of our business.

When we decided to launch Metta 10, we wanted it to be more than just an online artisanal market. Our goal is to put compassion into practice and promote social consciousness and thoughtful consumerism through a platform we enjoy – travel, design, art and fashion. We explore the globe and local markets to find the most beautiful handmade décor and fashion that reflect the soul of each producer and exemplifies the tenets of fair trade, sustainability and humanitarianism. We aim to carefully curate found talent while creating a community that is ethically minded and celebrates the art of living with passion and purpose. By purchasing goods from Metta 10, you are supporting and sustaining communities around the world, generating meaningful income for global artisans, and promoting ethical practices that make a difference. It’s loving kindness in action and a new paradigm of “impact” shopping.

We are so excited to share our finds with you!

With loving kindness,
Danielle & Rinarisa