Our Story

Hi! We’re Rina and Danielle, two good friends with a shared vision and dream. In the Summer of 2017, while chatting about life over coffee, we each found ourselves facing career and lifestyle crossroads. After spending more than 15 years in the fashion and legal finance industries, we realized we wanted something more out of our respective professions — passion and an ability to create positive social change.

That morning, we explored questions about our passions and inspirations and how we can strive to live our version of a “Perfect 10.” We discovered that we share a love for travel, an appreciation for quality and a desire to help others. What evolved was a philosophy and a dream to live the best version of our lives, both professionally and personally, and to do what we love. From there, METTA 10 was born!

Our Mission

Over the weeks that followed, METTA 10 developed into a lifestyle concept. Focusing on handmade products in order to ensure quality and originality, we decided to work only with artisans and vendors that maintain ethical work environments and promote humanitarianism.

We set out to build a company that combines our unique talents and passions with our goal of furthering the movement towards thoughtful consumerism and loving kindness. METTA 10 is our way of sharing these inspirations with you.

Giving Back

Our hope is that this philosophy of doing what we love while giving back to the communities and artisans we engage will encourage and inspire others. We hope to influence others to fearlessly pursue their passions as well, and to live their own version of a “Perfect 10”.

An important aspect of the METTA 10 philosophy is giving back to others and making a difference in the world. That is why we are committed to donating a percentage of our sales to fight against child sex trafficking to end this horrific worldwide epidemic.